Faith Sung

Song is a wonderful vehicle for expressing gratitude to our Lord, for enriching our personal devotional lives, and for sharing the Good News of what Christ has done for us with others in a way that can connect to their unique experiences and challenges.  Pastor Kohn hopes that you will find the songs below beneficial for all three purposes.  Please feel free to download from this page for your personal use and/or to share with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

Here I Stand

     As we enter into this year-long anticipation of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in Oct. 2017, let the song below, as well as the accompanying devotional reflection encourage you in faith: 

            *Here I Stand Song
            *Here I Stand Lyrics
            *Here I Stand Lyrics & Devotion

Zion's 150th Anniversary

     The songs below were composed in thanksgiving for 150 years of God's faithfulness to the people of Zion, Macon, celebrated in Fall 2016.  They are reminders of the enduring commitment of our God to His people throughout the generations.

            *Zion, Lift Your Voice Song
            *His Faithfulness Endures Song

In a Whisper

     A mix of carols from the past and lyrics from the heart, this collection of Christmas songs helps prepare listeners to receive Christ, the Newborn King.

From the past...                                        

Stand Up!
Knowing, Growing & Going in Christ

     Enjoy this collection of songs written especially for teaching little ones the Faith.

Chords and lyrics available upon request:

Other Songs

*Hideaway    Song    Lyrics 
A reminder of Christ's love and presence in the lonely times.

*Begging Grace     Song
Recognizing sinfulness and finding forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Check back for more songs in the future!